Armenian Export Center (AEC) – is a non-governmental organization. Has been established to support and develop the export of RA. Today, Armenian Export Center is the only organization in the Republic of Armenia that has a comprehensive expertise on all stages of export.
Armenian Export Center operates as “one window” for Armenian producers as a means to enter international markets. AEC conducts export both in traditional way and also through online platforms.
One of the goals of AEC is to unite Armenian producers and build partnership for high quality export.
Extensive collaboration with federal authorities, key industries and business organizations makes AEC viable to adapt the existing legislation of export, to embed proposals for creating mechanisms of state support accordingly based on business challenges and to promote progressive improvement of the conditions for conducting export-oriented business activities in the Republic of Armenia.

AEC has passed all the stages for becoming an exporting company and is ready to offer individual solutions for each category of production. By exporting with AEC producers will get a huge experience and knowledge in the field of international business, preventing all the possible risks in the future.
The main export country is China and geography expands continuously.

The development of export is one of the priority areas of the Armenian economy. One of the key objectives of AEC stand for the development of Armenian export in foreign markets by cooperating with corresponding ministries and governmental organizations, along with the following factors:

  • Reinforcement of competitiveness of Armenian production in foreign markets.

  • Provision of high-quality services.

  • Implementation of «One window» standard.

  • Export with «One click».

  • Advertising, informative and marketing promotion of Armenian production to foreign markets under the brand name – PRODUCED IN ARMENIA.

In the last few years export has been viewed as the core means of progressive economy of RA, thus, our mission is:

  • To ensure the entrance of Armenian producers into global markets.
  • To create conditions to ensure the success of Armenian producers in competitive environment of global markets.
  • To raise living standards of Armenian society by providing opportunities for economic growth.

We increase the recognition of Armenia by promoting Armenian products to foreign markets as a country that produces eco-friendly products, free from harmful production environment. Developing export with us the producer expands the production base, thereby increasing the number of job vacancies and reducing the rate of unemployment in the country.

  • We unite governmental institutions and business’ opportunities for the benefit of export.
  • We aim to develop agro-industrial export system in Southeast Asian countries, USA, Germany, The Netherlands etc.
  • We increase the number of distinctive small and medium-sized businesses involvement.
  • We create standards for export and develop with the pace of global markets.
  • We make export possible with «one click».
  • We create secure environment for Armenian products in global markets.
  • We launch online learning platform – School of Export.
  • We create quality standards under the brand - Produced in Armenia.



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