What is the field of activity of Armenian Export Center?

In which markets does AEC promote?

At the moment, the Armenian Export Center is implementing the process of promoting Armenian products in the Russian and Chinese markets.

What do you need to export products?

It depends on different criterias. The Armenian Export Center provided consultations on products, production volume, etc. to help you make a more effective decision where to export your production.

Does AEC support export to the European market?

AEC can provide consultation on customs, tax and other issues of exporting products to the European market within the framework of the Eastern Partnership program.

What kind of goods can be exported to the People's Republic of China?

At present, the main products to be introduced to the Chinese market with Armenian Export Center are: drinks, sweets, chocolate, haberdashery.

What tools does the Armenian Export Center have for exporting to Russia?

If you want to export your products to the Russian market, AEC can offer consultation, assistance in organizing the export process, as well as cargo transportation.

Does the Armenian Export Center sell Armenian products within e-commerce?

Now AEC is developing the Armenian marketplace so that Armenian products are presented and available to consumers from different countries.