Armenian Export Center (AEC) has developed a range of support tools and solutions for each producer to implement guaranteed long-term performance in foreign markets. Toolkit of AEC includes all phases of export from contract services to final export and consumption by the customer. Armenian Export Center (AEC) aims to promote exporters to foreign markets using the following tools.

Progress in Foreign Markets

  • Search for potential foreign partners and implementation of services.

  • Organizing special events/business missions.

  • Participation in specialized industrial exhibitions.

  • Preparation of commercial offers.

  • Provision of marketing support programs and advertising campaigns.

  • Provision of marketing tools for implementing a plan.

  • Development of traditional export.

  • Development of online export.

Analysis of Foreign Markets

  • Specialized analytical reviews and research.

  • Research of consumer consumption in foreign markets.

  • Requirements of the importing country’s legislation (certification, licensing, customs duties, barriers etc.).

  • Preparation of commercial projects.

  • Development of a marketing plan.

  • Provision of marketing tools in foreign markets.

  • Other challenges of foreign markets.

Certification, Completion and License

  • Provision of patent and legal protection of products/technologies in Armenia and abroad.

  • Legal services related to intellectual property: preparation and analysis of licensed contracts.

  • Employee – employer contractual relations.

  • Know-how design

    Compilation of internal normative documentation of the organization.

  • Demand for products in foreign markets and conformity assessment procedures.

  • Support in conformity assessment procedure (including mandatory and voluntary certification) in foreign markets.

  • Support in obtaining required documents for exporting products to foreign markets.

  • Forming free sale certificate (also in foreign languages).

Customs Operations and Export

Pre-export stage:

  • Verification of conformity on customs and taxation legislation.

  • Preparation of documents for getting preliminary decree from customs authorities.

  • Preparation of documentation related to obtaining permission to process products in customs territory.

  • Problem solving support in identification of products country of origin and in obtainment of the status «Produced in Armenia».

  • Consulting in calculating customs value of products.

Export stage:

  • Support in obtaining documents necessary for export delivery.

  • Consultancy in preparation of transportation documents for export delivery.

  • Support in effective implementation of benefits in terms of customs duties and taxes payments, necessary to export from the Republic of Armenia, including the implementation of procedures provided for acquiring customs benefits.

Post-export stage:

  • Support for preparing a set of documents, necessary for tax refund.

Support in Export Logistics (Logistics Organization)

  • Composing optimal rout, selecting transportation logistics companies and customs brokers.

  • Preparation and completion of documents necessary for export and customs clearance.

  • Consultancy in transportation insurance.

  • Preliminary calculation for inquiring delivery cost.

  • Consultancy in drafting foreign trade contract.

  • Consulting on non-tariff regulation measures by customs authorities at crossing borders.

  • Organizing logistics and customs clearance seminars for exporters.

Access of Armenian Exporters to the Procurement Markets of International Organizations

  • Informative consulting services to Armenian companies for participating in tenders and projects conducted by international organizations.

  • Methodical support for registration and participation in international competition programs.

  • Supply-chain geographic expansion.

  • Preview of Armenian products and services in international markets.

  • Obtaining supplier’s status by prominent international organizations (UN, World Bank, etc.) which effects on reputation.

Brand Building

Behind each product’s successful sales stands its presentable appearance – packaging. Succeeding in the field of export AEC operates accordingly: after choosing the product AEC adapts it to the requirements of foreign markets and consumers, or/and chooses the product which corresponds to the requirements of foreign market.

AEC supports producers in the following spheres of product selection:

  1. Product selection for international consumption.

  2. Adaptation of product to foreign consumer consumption.

  3. Creation of new brand.

  4. Creating a map for brand.

  5. Brand positioning in foreign market.

Strategic Map of Export